Our Shows

Finally, the local business community will have a channel that they can tune to and programs that they can relate to. The Capital will feature exciting new programs that will immerse the audience with independent news, analysis and discussion unlike anything that has been seen on Malaysian television scene so far.

Do you want

  • to view better discussion of economic and business matters on TV?
  • to gain better insight of today’s news headlines?
  • to know more about the movers and shakers of the industry?
  • to improve your personal skills?
  • to manage your personal finance better?

If you answer YES to the above questions, then the Capital is the TV channel for you.

Our programs will be developed to do exactly that. To help you and other people who are interested in business to be able to say YES to the above question.

From up-to-date news and live coverage to hard-hitting talk shows and panel interviews, our programming line-up is designed to cater for the specific niche audience of professional, management, executives and entrepreneurs group.

Unlike other mass-market medium, we have you in mind. Our programming content will be specifically for the business community and what their interest are. You won’t see run-of-the-mill coverage of press events and launches (unless they are significant to the business community of course). We know you are busy and not always glued to the TV screen, so there will always be chance to catch up with your favourite program at a more convenient times to you. We know many are tech savvy – so you can always find out the latest content through your PC, phone or iPad.