About Us

Finally, a TV channel that our business community can call home.


The Capital is a new business and finance TV channel like no other. It is the first homegrown business TV channel in Malaysia that offers in-depth coverage of business and finance issues. It will be broadcast in HD to TV screens but will also be available through broadband internet and mobile devices.

The Capital understands business issues and their effects on finance and the global economy. It offers well-researched programmes that are in line with the needs of business community and those interacting with the business and finance sector.

Its programmes seek to clarify and simplify complex issues. Each issue presented in the programme will be analysed and discussed thoroughly with the help of personalities from their respective fields of studies. The TV station supports the international best practice in journalism that will ensure fair coverage on certain issues and integrity of its journalists.

News with a difference

Our news coverage will be different than the news on other channels as it offers advanced analysis and coverage on issues that affect the business community.

Balanced coverage

As an independent channel, we offer a balanced perspective of the events and issues that will inform the audience and the decision makers.

Engaging content

The channel will provide a variety of programs that will appeal to our target audience. From breaking market news, high level round table discussion to behind the scene look on business celebrities.

The Capital news offers a balanced perspective of news affecting the nation and countries in the region. As a home grown business TV channel, TheCapital aims to support the country’s nation building activities. In order to achieve that, The Capital will seek to inform the public by accepting wide varieties of opinions in its programmes.

It will be the business channel that projects positive attitude in business. We applaud successes and celebrate new opportunities.